I have added a new project section called Mystics.
An ongoing body of work that I hope will grow and grow in time.

This is a short film I made about Sanna Annukka and her new autumn/winter collection for Marimekko called Pohjolassa.

If you happen to be in Oslo from the 27th april - 16th May, check out THIS IS NOW at tm51 Gallery

There will be a very limited edition Jasper Goodall print in the show alongside work from whole host of contemporary artists and graphic designers:

™51 wish to inspire Norway with an exhibition of some of the worlds leading visual artists. An exhibition to direct attention to the idea that the visual boundaries have never been closer to each other .

The exhibition is named “THIS IS NOW” to indicate the relevance they represent in our current time. All 15 are experts in their respective creative fields, and have left a deep impact in the industry’s recent years. These leading creators have staked out the future directions and trends and their work is described as iconic.

Each creator contributes with a unique piece of work in the form of a poster, sized 100x70 cm, on quality art paper. These are sold through ™51 as a limited edition.


New silhouettes recently with a much more photographic look.
You can see more in the projects section. Or buy this print here.

Five Deities from jasper goodall on Vimeo.

This is a short teaser for a film/animation I'm working on, bit of a new direction.



On the 27th and 28th of August 2011 Berlin based screen printers 'Mother-Drucker' will be Hosting the Druck Berlin screenprint festival. I have been asked by People of Print to be one of 10 selected artists representing them at the festival.
Here is a sneak preview of my print.

So if you're in Berlin at the end of August, pop down there. You can get your tickets here.

Johnny Walker Black label limited edition bottle.
If you pass through duty free any time soon you might spot one of these...

When I was approached to reinterpret the Johnnie Walker Striding Man logo I knew almost straight away what I wanted to do. I recalled, during a visit to a whisky distillery years ago, the guide telling me how slowly, over time, a small amount of whisky evaporates and escapes the barrel, this is known as the 'angels’ share' and I felt that rendering the striding man in 'smoke' would be the perfect expression of this concept.


Based on my image for the Muse single - Knights of Cydonia, this print is now available entitled 'Centauri'.
Click here to view this print.


Now available in the print shop, Zombie Dolls (and other horror cliches) is a playful, crazy, sexual romp exploring and celebrating the ideas and themes of B movie horror. Combining all of the images in the series that I made for 'S' Magazine now (finally!!) in one big composition. Click here to view this print


Now availabe in the print shop, Ice Age Aninmals of Europe is a collection of the animals that I painted on the shutters of New Gouslton street in East London. Remembering that once there were no banks, no buildings, no roads, just wild beasts roaming the land. Click here to view this print.

Dior Illustrated - Rene Gruau and the Line of Beauty.

I was invited recently to contribute to an exhibition of Rene Gruau's illustrations for Dior.
Five contemporary Illustrators were invited to reinterpret concepts within his work. I was asked to work on the concept of line and silhouette. I made this figure of a leaning woman with two big sheets of cut acrylic.

The show is on till Jan 9th at Somerset house London

I was recently asked to make some artwork for Computer Arts' Sex & Design issue.
They've done a lovely job of the design, using gold foils and retro typography, really emphasising the seventies calendar vibe I was aiming for. you can see more in projects.

Myself, Ben Eine, Zevs, D*face and other artists have been asked by Electric Blue Gallery to paint shop shutters in the East End of London. An epic street art project where the streets surrounding Petticoat Lane market will be transformed into a huge, free, outdoor gallery.

read more

The Sunrise series.
A surreal mix of symbolism and erotica. With dreamy skies, oily black figures, and mirrors in the sand, this series of prints is available exclusively through my online print store.

At last! Thank you for your patience. After many travels, and getting stuck in far off places I finally managed to get some time to get my shop up and running. If you click on print shop in the menu it will take you to my shop where you can buy artwork direct from me.
Look out for deals on print series where you can buy all prints in a series for a reduced price.

Check out this little film of me in Sydney.

So the lovely guys at Semi Permanent have asked me back to the Brisbane event.
Australia was amazing so I jumped at the chance of going back. After the talk I'm gonna hire a 4x4, head into the outback and do some kangaroo spotting. Check out some of the other speakers who will be at Brisbane here.

Talking at Semi Permanent Sydney.

Semi Permanent Sydney was packed out.

Sydney Semi Permanent conference was great, met some awesome people, heard some great talks.
Two of my favourites were Travis and Mel from Fudge Factory comics and Photographer Jill Greenberg

I'm Speaking at Semi Permanent, a design conference/festival in Sydney on the 20th march.
you can find the website here.

Have just finished this image. Look out for more soon, and maybe a print series...