Goodall's childhood was set against the backdrop of seventies Feminism in South Birmingham. He attended a women's liberation playgroup which set out to change a generation of children in the hope to equalise (or even reverse) gender roles. There was a strong objection to the commodification of women's bodies and, growing up, sexual depictions of women became taboo, carrying a stigma of 'wrongness.'

In '99 Goodall's mother died and soon after, his personal output radically changed. A part of him that had dared not express itself for fear of disapproval came to the fore and he began to experiment with areas that felt taboo. Goodall came to the opinion that much of the erotic art world lacked ideas and imagination, relying on nudity and fetish to provide interest. Much of his work explores erotic art's themes and cliches, poking fun at its reliance on flesh and fetish. For example 'Bad Bambi' (above right) is a reaction to the 'naughty nun' cliche — a re-imagining of the sexualisation of a character supposed to be chaste and innocent.


Pornogothic is a series of images inspired by B movie posters. The mixture of sex and violence depicted in the pulp film imagery of the 70's and 80's are anathema to political correctness and provided a provocative and tongue-in-cheek format with which to explore fetish and erotic themes such as BDSM and 'tentacle sex', a popular theme in Japanese erotica.