Muse Singles from Black Holes and Revelations

Muse images.jpg

The Project I worked on for Muse was a great example of what happens when you let go of outcome. I was contacted by the band's label and asked if I was interested in pitching some work or their upcoming album. I listened to the tracks and began working on some imagery that felt like it would fit with the music and lyrics. When I met up with Muse and the label, some liked what I had done and others were not sure. In the end the band felt that going with Storm Thorgesson's photography was the way to go as they had worked with him before. However it became evident that they were not so sure about the the work he made for the album cover and so after the LP was released they came back to me and asked if I would work on the singles. 
Needless to say this was annoying — I would have liked to have produced a strong cohesive campaign so that the singes worked with the album. 

I had been toying with an idea of making illustrations from smoke, and even though the look was very different from anything I had done previously, I decided that at this point, I had nothing to lose. Fortunately everyone loved the imagery and so the singles went into production with my work on them.

This new way of working attracted much attention and some years later became a bespoke logo for 1000 limited edition Johnnie Walker Black label bottles.

johnnie walker.jpg